Created Dec 05, 2017


Born and raised an Alabamian democrat with Christian values. more

I am nearly 50 and being this old means I have worn many hats. I met my husband (past tense) while working at a factory. We owned a business (Shell Station) and our family grew with the birth of our two sons. Toward the end of our 15 year marriage I began a venture in the music business as a singer/songwriter and recorded a CD. With some success I moved to Nashville. My youngest son at age 11 was in a fatal four wheeler accident. Sometimes life goes on even when you don't want it to. I love Nashville but the statement of "starving artists" really hit home. When my son Chase married and gave me a wonderful grandson I moved back to Cullman, Alabama. Being a Christian democrat, it's like living in a bad SNL skit! These days I have a cleaning business and I also sell driftwood sculptures and draw cartoons. I have been accused of being addicted to the news and I live with a man who is a damn republican but I love him!